The Owners win round 2…

Yep the 8th circuit court gave the Owners a win today,… and handed the Fans another loss. It does not much matter which side wins these court battles. Right now either way the Fan continue to lose.  I wish the court had just made the 2 sides sit down and not be able to leave until they reach a deal

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NFL,players vs the FAN

OK this is my 1st try at this, hope I don’t
offend anybody.  So here goes:

about the current NFL situation, would love to hear your
feelings.  I am beyond fed up with the
current state of sports in general, but let’s focus on the NFL.  I don’t understand how 2 groups that are
profiting not only financially, but socially as well from a business, are
willing to put that model in jeopardy.  1st
the Owners are making money hand over foot, and they just continue to want more,
I am not saying all of them are this way there are exceptions, the owners  that put their fans 1st vs  a Owners that says look at what I have!!

The you have the players, you have been gifted to play a
game to make a living, you make millions ( in some  cases) and you also get showered with gifts
from sponsors, and other wanting to be a spokesman for their products.  Yet you continue to pile more on the backs of
the people that provide you that opportunity, by purchasing your jersey or your
teams many products, paying outrageous amounts for tickets to the game that we
all love.  I hear some players talk about
how they appreciate the fans support, yet you sit behind the lawyers filing
more motions,  all the while getting paid
millions for their services.

So where is the respect for the fans that put you the
players in you lofty position?  I would
say severely lacking. Let look at the cost to the fan The NFL league average FCI went from
$151.55 in 1991 to $278.37 in 2000 to $412.64 in 2009).    [1]
This is based on purchasing up to 4 tickets, paying for parking purchasing
hotdogs and sodas and occasional beer.
Dallas leads the charge so to speak in gigging the fans with an overall
increase of 163%, the 49ers on the other hand while in1991 were the most expensive
only increase the expense by $67 in 2009, so as we can see it is controllable.  How do you thing a fan can continue to afford
this?  Are we supposed to take a 2nd
mortgage?  Just to enjoy “our “ past
time?  Anymore the only ones able to
afford the games are corporations, and they’re sponsors, yet the NFL continues
to black out game within 75 miles of the home team, we can‘t afford to go to
the games but you won’t show the game on TV for us.

So basically the players got 57 almost 58% of the revenues,
which is where we get the 9 million numbers that has been batted around
lately.  According to the owners that
percentage is killing them.  So the way I
see it when the owners signed the last CBA the players got a sweetheart deal,
the owner put in an opt out clause, (smart now that we look back)  so now the owners want to renegotiate the
agreement.  The Players obviously don’t
want to lose money.  Figure they’ll use
the court system to keep what they have.
As I said before, who gets left out of this equation?  The Fan… so what are the Fan’s options?  1st and foremost we can choose not
to attended any games, or buy any merchandise, or pay for the NFL ticket
etc.  The sad fact is, that most fans
won’t do that if they do lose games most fan will come running back when and if
they do restart.  Which both the players
and owners know is the case.  If we could
manager to do a walkout of our own it would hit them where it hurts in the
pocketbook, what the players don’t seem to understand is that we the fans pay
they’re salary, yes the owners write the checks, but without the fans there
would be no income to write those checks, the NFL is like any other service
industry, if you don’t provide the proper service people will not be repeat
customers, yet for some reason the sports industry is the ONLY service industry
that never seem to suffer when they do they’re customer wrong, even with
baseballs lockout years ago, those they did lose some fan must came running
back.   I work in a service industry and if we don’t
provide a good product then the customer moves on to the next provider of our
service, and that’s where the NFL has us by the short ones, with limited talent
to provide a top notch product, the NFL, MLB etc has no real competition, so
therefore when we lose our product, all’s we have an option for is to wait it
out until they come back. The NFL tried to sow that you could “replace” the
players before and we saw how that turned out.
So unless you are willing to not watch or go to a game until the players
and owners get off they’re collective A$$es then you are SOL.

While I’m on my rant I might as well get these off my mind
as well

Here are some ideas to improve the “product”

1.  Owners, if you
want a new stadium, quit asking us the taxpayer to finance it.  Last time I checked, we don’t get any money
form the stadium, so unless you’re gonna write me a check each year for my
profits from “MY” stadium or you are goanna give me 2 tickets to one game each
year, go find your own financing.

2.  Players, How much
money do you need?  I realize you have a
short career, but it is not my responsibility or my problem if you don’t know
how to manage your money, the avg NFL salary is $740,000/yr, wow almost ¾ of a
million in one year, and you can’t afford a money manager?

3.  the avg fan makes
45,000 to 90,000/yr realize we have a limited amount of disposable income and
make the game more accessible.

4.  Owners, why, I
repeat why do you insist paying millions of dollars to a player that has never
stepped foot on the field?  In you other
business would you pay millions of dollars to a manager or CEO straight out of
college? Of course not, so why do you insist on sign these rookies to multimillion
dollar contracts before they prove themselves?
Create a rookie salary, an entry level amount that is reasonable, then
if you want to provide incentives, have at it, wow make them earn that paycheck
… what a concept.

5.  With the money you
save from the rookie salary, you would be able to keep the Alan Fanecas and Tony
Gonzales, instead of cutting them because of “Cap reasons”.

6.  Get rid of the
blackout or at least revise it, the blackout was started toget seats filled to
a new game, which made sense, now except for when the teams owner does not put
a good product on the field most teams have a waiting list, why would you limit
your fan base to try and fill every single seat whne most stadium are at least
80% filled for most games.  If the League
does not want to eliminate the black out rue completely then revise it, set the
distance to 25 miles, that is reasonable that covers most metro area, and does
not infringe on those of us that live outside the metro area.  Not only will it increase your fan base, it
might actually encourage fans outside the metro area to venture in to the city
to visit a game occasionally.

Finally you are all grown men, with most of you having
received excellent college degree, put them to use start a business invest in an
idea, quit using it as an excuse for more money, there are lots of fans out
there would give an arm to go to college and can’t.

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I’m new at this …

please bear with me until I figure this out, I will be post a comment soon about my feelings on the NFL situation! if you have any conments feel free to post

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